Exam board: Edexcel
Guidance: Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including maths. Previous study of business at GCSE is not essential.
Course Start Date: 09/2022
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

Business organisations are playing a larger role in the world and the daily life of people in general. As such, we can already identify certain elements of their activity. This course will examine many aspects of how they operate and will focus on several areas in particular. Young people need an understanding of the economic world in which they live and to consider critically the current issues, problems and institutions that affect them. A student’s personal effectiveness will be developed through an understanding of contemporary business and economic issues. Business Studies is a subject highly regarded by employers and those continuing into higher education will find a vast range of courses available in the UK and overseas.

Course units

Theme 1: Marketing and People
Theme 2: Managing business activities
Theme 3: Business decisions and strategy
Theme 4: Global Business


100% examination; three examination papers, each two hours long.

What can I do with this qualification?
Business studies students are very employable. After developing skills involving the analysis and evaluation of data together with the development and application of knowledge linked to a particular context, students can pursue careers in small to medium enterprises or multinational corporations in the City, the media, in marketing, human resources or ICT. It can also provide many exciting opportunities to study and work abroad.

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