Computer Science

Course Leader:

Mr A Vallally-Godfrey –

Exam board: OCR
Guidance: Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above including grade 5 in Maths. It is not essential to have studied GCSE Computer Science/Creative iMedia, but for those who have, a minimum of grade 5/Merit is required.
Course Start Date: 09/2024
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

You will have engaging and challenging insight into the world of Computer Science. You will further your coding skills across different languages such as C#, C++, Java and Python and create a fully functioning program from a selection of briefs, be that an application, utility or video game.

You will be taught to code in several high level languages and develop your own understanding and logical thought processes in computer science. You will build up an understanding of algorithms and their use within the computing industry together with computer systems, how they work and operate as well as how they are built and structured.

Course units

Topics covered in Year 12
Varying Languages: Assembly and Procedural, Arithmetic, Little Man Computer, Systems Architecture, The role of the CPU, CISC Vs. RISC, Databases and SQL, Operating Systems, Virtualisation, Algorithmic thinking and pseudocode
Topics covered in Year 13
Sign/Magnitude, Number conversions, Floating Point Binary, Negative Numbers, Linked List, Binary Trees, Advanced Architectures, Protocols, Lexical Analysis, Syntax Analysis and Links and Loaders
Computing project
This extended project is completed across Year 12 and Year 13 and is worth 20% of your final grade. Within this project you will follow industry standard design methodologies to design, create and test a product for a specified user. This project offers you the chance to create a mobile app or a game.

Click here for a presentation from Mr Vallally-Godfrey.


Unit 1 – Exam 40 %
Unit 2 – Exam 40%
Unit 3 – Project 20%

What can I do with this qualification?

Most Computer Science degrees do not make it mandatory that a student has taken Computer Science A level, however we have students who progress to university at the highest levels to study Computer Science, Game Development and Web Development. We also have close links with leading industry experts and companies providing real-life application opportunities to our students. A large number of companies offer Apprenticeship Degrees requiring the skills gained from A Level Computer Science. 

Students taking this course can go on to study and work in a  wealth of fields from aeronautical engineering to radiography. The beauty of this course is it shows your ability to problem solve and be resilient, key skills that are transferable to a whole spectrum of applications in later life. 

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