Exam board: WJEC
Guidance: Five GCSEs at grade 4 or above, including English
Course Start Date: 09/2022
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

The subject of law will be of interest to anyone who wants to understand how the world works today. Candidates will develop a knowledge and understanding of the legal system and an ability to evaluate its operation and performance. The course introduces substantive law and requires simple application of aspects of criminal law and civil law.

Course units

Component 1: The Nature of Law and the English Legal System
Component 2: Substantive Law in Practice
Component 3: Perspectives of Substantive Law


100% Examination, three papers; one x 1 hour 30 minutes and two x 2 hours 15 minutes.

What can I do with this qualification?
You may be thinking of a degree course in law and going on to working as a barrister, solicitor, and legal executive or legal secretary. Beyond these fields, you may want a career in which you will have begun to develop the transferable skills of analysis and problem solving. Grounding in law will be an asset in a host of managerial and human resource positions. Additionally, the intellectual discipline, historical understanding and essay writing skills developed by this A level are invaluable to anyone interested in taking a humanities degree at university. So, law is an extremely versatile subject and is useful for a wide range of professions, such as journalism, national and local government, broadcasting, the police force, finance, the prison service, charity work as well as management and business.

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