Mathematics (Further)

Exam board: Edexcel
Guidance: Grade 8 or above in GCSE mathematics. Please note this course counts as two A level choices.
Course Start Date: 09/2022
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

You may be so fascinated by the subject that you wish to take double A level mathematics. Students who take this course choose mathematics as two of their subjects and take the double A level in year 13. This is particularly suited to able mathematicians who wish to become highly proficient in the subject. Success at this level has considerable advantages for students who take a university degree that includes a large amount of mathematics such as engineering or physics. The very top universities may prefer students who take maths and further maths to take four A levels to show breadth.

Course units

For the double course:
You will study three modules – see the A level mathematics course.

You will then study a further four modules and take A level further mathematics at the end of year 13.
Further pure mathematics:
Modules FP1 and FP2 (each paper is 1.5 hours long and 75 marks)
These modules cover pure mathematics topics, eg further calculus, inequalities, complex numbers, numerical methods, differential equations, coordinate systems, matrix algebra, series and proof.
Applied mathematics:
Module FM1 (paper is 1.5 hours long and 75 marks)
Further mechanics: covers elastic strings and springs, simple harmonic motion, work, energy, power, collisions, statics, work, energy, power, centres of mass and
motion in a circle.
Module FS1 (paper is 1.5 hours long and 75 marks)
Further statistics: covers useful statistical distributions and hypothesis testing, sampling, confidence intervals, goodness of fit and contingency table, regression and correlation.


See above

What can I do with this qualification?
This is strongly recommended if you wish to do a full or part degree in mathematics. It is also particularly useful if you intend to study a degree in physics or engineering, as these degrees include a significant amount of high level mathematics. Many other degrees and other courses include a high degree of mathematical competence and former students have reported having a significant advantage over other students who can struggle with the mathematics content of their degrees.

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