Course Leader:

Mr A Morris –

Exam board: AQA
Guidance: Grade 5 in English language or literature
Course Start Date: 09/2024
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

Philosophy is about big questions, big ideas and deep thinking! Since the dawn of time human beings have sought to answer the biggest questions about our existence: Why are we here? Does God exist? What is the meaning of life? Is it ever possible to be ‘good’? Through this course you will get to grapple with these and many other philosophical questions, as you study the works of the greats in this prestigious academic discipline, from Socrates and Plato to Kant and Bentham.

You will get to learn about some of the greatest thinkers in human history, get to make your own decisions about their ideas, and devise some of your own. You will develop your ability to think and communicate your ideas clearly and rationally. You will be taught how to construct forceful arguments and produce coherent analysis.

Course units

Section 1: Epistemology – theories of knowledge
Section 2: Moral philosophy – ethics
Section 3: Metaphysics of God – theories about God
Section 4: Metaphysics of mind – theories about mental states


Two x 3 hour exams

What can I do with this qualification?

A Level Philosophy is a prestigious qualification, held in high regard by all universities as it teaches thinking skills to such a high level. People go on to study a single honours degree in philosophy or combine it with a wide range of subjects including history, psychology, linguistics, sociology, media or physics, to name but a few. The most famous combination to study at university is PPE (politics, philosophy and economics) and many senior politicians and former prime ministers have studied it – if you think you may wish to study PPE at university, please let us know at enrolment so we can check your subject combination.

Philosophy provides a solid foundation for many careers, including working in law, politics and the media. It is said that what philosophers are discussing now will be the basis for intelligent debate in other disciplines in 30 years’ time.

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