Exam board: Edexcel
Guidance: Grade 5 in English language or literature
Course Start Date: 09/2022
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

Politicians and people in international institutions make huge decisions that affect EVERYONE’s lives in every way imaginable. If you care about changing the world for the better, studying politics is a great place to start. As you will find out below, it can be the gateway to some truly remarkable careers!

In this fascinating and constantly changing subject, you will learn about how the UK system works, including important theoretical perspectives on how a society should be run and organised. You will learn how the global political system works too and about the big issues of the day, both nationally and globally. You’ll have the chance to visit Parliament, a secret underground Cold War nuclear bunker and NATO headquarters in Belgium – all dependent upon Covid-19 restrictions. You will also develop your skills of analysis, argument and evaluation until they are razor sharp. You’ll probably never lose an argument again!

Course units

Component 1 – UK Politics
Component 2 – UK Government
Component 3 – Comparative Global Politics


Three 2 hour exams

What can I do with this qualification?
The most famous combination to study at university is P.P.E. (politics, philosophy and economics). Many senior politicians and former prime ministers have studied P.P.E. Many people go on to study a single honours degree in politics or combine it with international relations, global development, war studies, languages, history, business management, human rights or law, to name but a few. Careers include working as a politician or for a political party, as a diplomat in one of our embassies around the world, for the civil service (a former Sackville student now works for the Prime Minister!), at the United Nations trying to solve global issue, as a journalist, for non-governmental organisations like Amnesty International, for think-tanks and many, many more!

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