Exam board: AQA
Guidance: Grade 5 in GCSE science, maths and English
Course Start Date: 09/2022
Course length: 2 Years
Course description

If you are interested in exploring human experience and behaviour, how they interact, develop and function with each other, then psychology is for you.

Course units

In psychology year 1 you will investigate the different theoretical approaches taken to the study social influence, memory, attachment and psychopathology.

Social influence covers topics such as group behaviour and investigates why and how people are influenced by others and their social role. Memory is about how our memory works and focuses on the reliability of eye witness testimony. Attachment refers to relationships in early childhood and how these affect adulthood.

Psychopathology concerns abnormal behaviour and disorders such as phobias and depression. Students also cover the research methods used by psychologists and you will develop your own research skills by conducting mini-experiments in class.

Year 2 consists of the above plus biopsychology, which looks at how our bodies affect our behaviour; cognition and development in childhood; a study of
schizophrenia and forensic psychology (crime).


Three two hour examinations:
Paper 1: Introductory Topics in Psychology including Social Influence; Memory; Attachment and Psychopathology.
Paper 2: Psychology in Context: Approaches in Psychology; Biopsychology; Research Methods.
Paper 3: Issues and Options in Psychology: Issues and Debates; Relationships; Schizophrenia; Forensics.

What can I do with this qualification?

An A level in psychology is viewed as providing excellent grounding for a very large number of university courses, including those offered by the Russell Group. It may be seen as either a science or an arts subject and a number or our students have used this subject to go on to follow a career in medicine.

Clinical, educational, occupational psychology, teaching, management, personnel, social work, selling, police work are to name a few careers this subject is useful for. The knowledge gained of people can be used in any area of employment.

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